The Robinson Company

The Robinson Company is a full-service cost estimating and construction management firm specializing in public sector projects throughout the Northwest. 

Owners and Design Teams successfully use our cost estimating and construction management knowledge to confirm that their goals will be met. 

We partner with our clients to minimize their risk: by offering comprehensive services from project inception through contractor selection, and the flexibility to adapt as conditions change. Our proactive approach has contributed to the successful construction of a wide array of projects since our founding in 1985.

Our Services

Flexible Service and a Personal Approach

Feasibility Studies
Cost Modeling
Detailed Cost Estimates
GC/CM Reconciliation
Constructability Review
Architect Selection/Negotiations
Contractor Selection/Negotiations
Contract Development  [...]  

Our Team

Our Company

Teamwork is essential in today’s construction market. Project success measured in terms of cost control, schedule accuracy, design quality, and risk management demands highly skilled coordination from the earliest phase [...]

A Unique Approach a Talented Staff

Our staff of 13 includes experienced estimators and project managers with strong backgrounds in general contracting. This means that we consider how every element of a project relates to cost, schedules, and logistics of the construction process. Our estimators and project managers are trained to be  [...]  

A full service cost estimating and construction management firm.