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Flexible Service and a Personal Approach

Working closely with each client, we create an optimum mix of services. 
Our involvement is always scaled to fit the project requirements.  The true measure of a firm’s success lies in winning its clients’ trust.  At the Robinson Company we are dedicated to building strong client relationships.
Read separate pages about our Cost Estimating projects and Construction Management, or see below for an overview of our services.

Feasibility Studies

On dozens of projects we have provided pertinent solutions to questions that arise anytime an existing facility is being replaced or modernized.  Our feasibility studies include not only direct construction costs for each option but an evaluation of the soft costs such as Construction Contingency, Temporary Housing Costs, A/E Fees, Sales Tax, Demolition Costs, Furnishing & Equipment Costs, Commissioning and other indirect costs.

Cost Modeling

Implemented in the predesign, programming, or preschematic stages, cost models provide a project budget based on scope revisions. The process can save time and design costs for the Owner and Architect, avoiding delays due to redesign. The Robinson Company provides specific models based on the planned design using data from our extensive historic library for different building systems.

Detailed Cost Estimates

The Robinson Company produces accurate, detailed estimates for all project phases, from programming through working drawings. Realistic cost information from a contractor’s perspective is our specialty.  Summary and detail sheets are presented in CSI format, or Uniformat.

GC/CM Reconciliation

Our role in the GC/CM process can include negotiating and establishing a Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC) with the selected GC/CM firm. We know the importance of accurately reconciling estimates at each phase of design to avoid unnecessary value engineering. We understand the impacts of phasing, access, staging and complex construction. We understand how General Contractor’s develops their estimates and have the mutual respect that is necessary to successfully negotiate a contract price and schedule. Our experience will give the Owner a contractor's perspective on the design team to support, supplement or balance the input on costs given by the selected GC/CM contractor.

Constructability Review

The goal of a constructability reviews is to uncover potential change orders and eliminate conflicts in design before they occur. Completed at the beginning of design to analyze systems, staging, phasing and schedules and at the end of contract documents to look for details and clarify bidding strategies.  The Robinson Company’s constructability reviews are known for their insight and thoroughness.


Integrating time and cost, Robinson Company schedules are often cost-loaded to determine cash flow. Master project schedules and updates include design, permit and construction milestones.  We also produce full-size CPM schedules, as needed.  Detailed analysis of contractor’s schedules are also provided.

Architect Selection/Negotiations

If the Owner has not selected an architect, The Robinson Company can assist in developing a list of qualified firms for the type of work required, defining selection criteria, conducting interviews, and participating in contract negotiations.

Contractor Selection/Negotiations

The Robinson Company can assist with reviewing all bids from qualified contractors.  Adherence to bid documents can be reviewed as well as confirmation of references.  Negotiations with the contractor can also be provided.

Contract Development

After selecting a contractor, the Owner must decide on a contract format. The Robinson Company can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various formats, including lump sum, cost-plus with a fixed fee, and cost-plus with a guaranteed maximum, based on the job requirements and financial parameters.

Cost Monitoring

Cost control is essential in every project phase. The Robinson Company can track costs against the budget, review and approve invoices, and provide the Owner and Architect with monthly cost reports. Our objective is to avoid cost overruns.

Equipment/Furnishings Budgeting and Procurement

Working closely with the Owner, The Robinson Company develops project-specific furniture and equipment lists. Budgets are generated with a system for tracking costs. Through purchase order monitoring, we confirm that delivery and installation coincide with occupancy requirements.

Cash Flow Analysis

The Robinson Company analyzes the monthly allocation of costs for each project (and the cumulative total for all projects) to determine when cash must be invested and released to pay bills. The Owner will know when to invest or borrow funds, with a clear view of future job requirements.